Artist's Statement

Welcome to my online art gallery. If you are an art lover, this gallery offers works of various media, style and subject matter for you to enjoy. If you are new to fine art, I hope my paintings will inspire a deeper interest. Art is unique in the sense that it is an extremely powerful form of expressing a wide range of human emotions.

I am a Southern California-based artist, and have taken many classes with established local artists. The use of various media, materials and techniques is very important to me, and I am constantly looking for ways to expand my creative skills. I often find inspiration while experimenting with new subjects, designs, colors, etc.

People ask me what my style is, but it is not easily defined. I paint all kinds of subjects in various styles. My online art gallery is loosely classified into three collections: Abstract, Contemporary and Realism. Regardless of style, all my paintings express a unique feeling or point of view to the audience.

Please take a few moments to browse through my gallery.

Thank you for your time and interest,

Roberto Concha